Water Advocacy

Stopping polluted runoff

Stormwater runoff is a growing source of nutrient and sediment pollution in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Federal law requires the updating and strengthening of permits for Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4). Renewals for MS4 permits provide opportunities to reduce pollution as outlined in state clean water blueprints. The Coalition supports state-level efforts to develop strong MS4 permits and policies that help local jurisdictions clean up our local waters. The Coalition will urge the EPA to follow consistent, rigorous standards for MS4 renewal permits in the Bay watershed.

The Coalition supports best practices information sharing within and between states. Although the EPA proposal to revise the national stormwater rules has been delayed, the Chesapeake community continues to advocate for stronger statutes with better protections and opportunities to improve stormwater runoff management.

Coalition Agenda

The Coalition’s Stormwater Workgroup labors to reduce polluted stormwater runoff. The Coalition and Workgroup’s 2012 agenda is:

  • Work with the EPA and jurisdictions, ensuring each clean water blueprint has a strong stormwater component
  • Ensure local stormwater permits are strong and issued in a timely manner
    • Review draft MS4 permits and pressure Virginia and the EPA to prevent inadequate permits. Arlington has the first of 11 Phase 1 MS4 permits scheduled for renewal in 2012 and will be the template for Virginia
    • The Baltimore City MS4 permit is up for review and will be the template for the rest of the state.
    • Coordinate with the District of Columbia and the EPA to change the draft MS4 permit to provide strong protections for local waters

Image courtesy of LIVE Green.