Water Advocacy

Supporting Chesapeake pollution limits and state clean water blueprints

The Coalition advocates for clean water policies. As the 2017 and 2025 pollution reduction deadlines approach, the Coalition supports the implementation of state clean water blueprints and the EPA’s Chesapeake Bay pollution limits. This includes oversight of the planning process and two-year milestones. We provide advocacy for this before all federal, state, and local governments.

Coalition Agenda

The Coalition has selected lead organizations in the six states in the Chesapeake region. These “state leads” or "outreach leads" organize local and statewide efforts to assist in the implementation of clean water blueprints.

The Coalition also has a standing workgroup of members throughout the watershed, that has been instrumental in setting detailed policy positions on a number of perspectives. Some of the successes of the workgroup and state and outreach leads are:

  • Assisted the states and local jurisdictions with the development of the clean water blueprints
  • Released a report on the two-year milestones issued by Delaware, DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia
  • Developed principles on nutrient credit trading for the Coalition
  • Helped to defend the Clean Water Act and support partners who are against lawsuits by the American Farm Bureau Association and others
  • Worked on formal comments for the draft new Chesapeake Bay Agreement, urging inclusion of commitments to adhere to the Bay TMDL.


The Coalition worked to verify progress reported by the states toward meeting their two-year milestones. The pressure and oversight encouraged accurate reporting on their accomplishments.