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Congregations Reduce Polluted Runoff

Caring for creation is a core value of most religions and water is symbolic in most faith traditions. See what congregations are doing to reduce polluted runoff to their local rivers and streams. These houses of worship are doing their fair share to reduce polluted runoff and in many cases, the environmental projects are defining their missions.

The faith community are doing a wide variety of projects to do their fair share to reduce pollution. They are planting trees to replace the natural filters removed during development. They are planting road side gardens to soak up water and pollution. Parking lots are being improved with with rain gardens and porous pavement which allows water to soak into the ground.They are removing trash from streams and improving stream beds. They are installing rain barrels to collect rain from roof downspouts, and use it on landscaping. And, they are talking to their congregants about the importance of protecting god's creation.